Flag-or how you can use it

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Ff you ever asked yourself this kind of question, now you’ll get the answer. By the freedom of speech which is provided by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, specifically allows citizens of United States, only on their property, to fly the confederate flag. But, when it comes to applying law in a public property, then it is a different situation.

The whole idea of legality in public areas depends strictly and only upon whether the area is marked as nonpublic, limited public or public forum. First the law was introduced orange county , which is known for its lawyers, “learn the facts here now“. What is the public forum? Public forums in traditional legal form are streets, parks and sidewalks. Limited public forums are different kind of public auditoriums or theaters. By law, Government has a right to restrict freedom of speech in this area by their own interest. Places such as airports and cemeteries are designated as nonpublic forums.

Government has all rights to restrict freedom of speech, but only if that restrict is reasonable and is not in interest of suppressing expression of a speaker’s view by public officials.

But, then again, what about individual rights to fly an American flag upside down? An individual has a right to do so, according to the First Amendment.The First Amendment ensures your freedom of speech not just in traditional way, but it also protects non-verbal speech, symbolic act and conducts to carry a particularized massage or some particular idea. And that’s not all. From 1989, the Supreme Court gave a right to individuals by freedom of speech that even flag burning can be expressive conduct within that ambit of the First Amendment protection. Basically, the First Amendment gave you certain rights to express yourself, but, than again it is more up to state that you live in.

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