Things you should know if you are going to court

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Most people don’t have experience in visiting the courts, and when they are called on the court for the first time they don’t know how to behave there. Generally, rules in the law court are the same, no matter why are you called to the court, except in Florida which is a little stricter family law. navigate to this web-site to read on the promotions available. But you will see a few specific rules of behavior in court if you are called as a witness, as a defendant and as a juror.

Some advices when you are going to a court:

• Wear clothes which will be cozy and pleasant for you
• Don’t be late! Always come to court on time
• Documentary proofs take with you
• Don’t go alone! Invite someone to keep you company (just not children)
• Don’t bring recording apparatus with you, it’s unlawful

If you are witness

In the case of certain serious offenses, eyewitness are called to testify personally and they are very momentous part of court of law. if person is are eyewitness of a violent crime or death she can have a stressful and traumatic experience. There exists Witness Support Service, which helps witnesses before, during and after court of law.

If you are defendant

Don’t be late! If you can’t to appear in court for some justifiable reason, tell your lawyer as soon as possible. If you don’t appear in court without justified reasons, you will automatically be blamed and they can sent you to prison for a year. Don’t go from the courtroom in the middle of litigation. This is unlawful act.

If you are juror

Anyone who is on the electoral roll may be called for jury duty. They will send you an subpoena to which you must respond within 7 days. Later, they will send you information in which court you must to appear and when. In this letter will also be written which kind of identification you need to bring with you. Wear comfortable but classy clothes, and take money for some food and drink, because you never know how much time will keep you there.

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